Tuesday, 15 December 2015


Hi Aunty Bessie.
Today I wanted to share with you the MANY photos of the holiday to Noosa with Mum and Dad that we had in August.
I went up for a week with them and then Chris came up both weekends too.
I adore Noosa, it is so beautiful. It has such a different feeling to it than other coastal towns on the Sunshine Coast.
Let's begin!

This is at Little Cove Beach 

So many beautiful big stones - lots of people had stacked them up making inukshuk too. 

We were only stay a minutes walk away up the hill so almost every evening we came down to watch the sunset 

Mum taking photos of rock formations in the distance 

There was a couple doing an engagement photo shoot too, it was fun to watch - they were having a lot of fun! 

There is a Kookaburra on the phone line! He was out there most of our trip and I loved hearing him laugh! 

We took a drive down to I think Mooloolaba to get some seafood and had some fish and chips by the water.

These were some paintings that had been done on some phone boxes in the park - they were really pretty. 

Little Cove Beach 

So many surfers out! 


The lighting was beautiful this afternoon

Lovely matching parents! 

This was down on Hastings Street. Its an icecream place that have nitrogen to make it into icecream, So yummy!  

My favourite is the Lemon Meringue Pie - they have a lemon flavoured icecream, put some crushed nuts on and then top it off with meringue!!! 

We then headed over to the beach to eat them whilst watching the seagulls and the sea

The lovely river was so still on this day, lots of pretty houses along here! 

I had a bit of a play doing some yoga on the beach!

Here is Cookie! I name all Kookaburra's Cookie - he was so cute

This tree was stunning

Another stunning sunset

Da boys coming to meet us! 

My excitement of being in Noosa!
I hope you enjoyed some of these snaps, it was such a magical holiday. I love getting to spend time with Mum and Dad, its always so special.
Lots of Love,