Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Parents Visit Brisbane August 2015

Hi Aunty Bessie,
I have another lot of photos to share with you, these are from when Mum and Dad came up and visited Chris and I in August - they visited you on their way up too I believe.
These photos are from the 15th of August when we went into the city to take a photo on the steps at the Post Office to commemorate the day the war ended and be where you and Grandma stood.

Mum and I taking in the lovely moment.

This was Chris watching what was being filmed right in front of the post office ...

A TV Advertisement for Vodaphone, they had a big film crew and lots of props and interestingly dressed people. It was kind of great in a way because it really gave a vibe of an event happening so we were able to better imagine how you and Grandma must have felt that day. 

This sign was on the side of the post office 

Mum on the phone to you! 

We then walked across to Southbank for dinner. It was a beautiful light at dusk
We had a really great afternoon and it was so nice to get to be with Mum and be in Brisbane together on such a special day, and to get to talk with you about it was just wonderful.
Lots of Love,

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Brisbane Night Noodle Markets

Hi Aunty Bessie,
These photos are from a few months ago now when I went along to the Night Noodle Markets in Brisbane along the SouthBank with my friend Caroline who has also moved up from Canberra to Brisbane this year!
There were so many stalls of amazing food, entertainment, music, dancing lions and of course the iconic Ferris wheel - have you ever been on it?

This is Caroline, we went to Uni together and worked together at a clothing store and at the apartments in Canberra - she is a lovely girl. 

I think the Ferris Wheel at night is one of my favourite things about the city. 

They had lanterns everywhere which made the whole event a lot more festive. 

Doughnut Time is a chain of shops in Brisbane who have this stall at many different markets and they sell HUGE doughnuts. We shared a nutella chocolate filled one for dessert, very tasty!

That is the Casino I believe 

I hope you enjoyed these snaps of Southbank, I am loving exploring the city!
Lots of Love,

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Sunset 7th November

Hi Aunty Bessie! 

I wanted to start sharing more photos with you and this is the best way I can show you a lot of them with descriptions of where I was / why I took them.
I hope you enjoy! 
I took these photos the afternoon right after a big storm came through, the sky was just beautiful! I was watching from our balcony then ran down the street to catch the sunset, the sky kept changing colours and shapes. 

These are from our balcony, we look out over some lovely greenery and there is also two horses! 

This tree was covered in white 'fluff' a few weeks ago and has only just shed. 

The light was so pretty, really different to usual. 

I decided to play around a bit and did some handstands too! 

I hope you liked these photos - I'll let you know when I post some more, I was thinking I will be able to put up some from holidays and then just ones I've taken on my phone during the week to show you what we've been up to.
Lots of Love,