Sunday, 8 November 2015

Brisbane Night Noodle Markets

Hi Aunty Bessie,
These photos are from a few months ago now when I went along to the Night Noodle Markets in Brisbane along the SouthBank with my friend Caroline who has also moved up from Canberra to Brisbane this year!
There were so many stalls of amazing food, entertainment, music, dancing lions and of course the iconic Ferris wheel - have you ever been on it?

This is Caroline, we went to Uni together and worked together at a clothing store and at the apartments in Canberra - she is a lovely girl. 

I think the Ferris Wheel at night is one of my favourite things about the city. 

They had lanterns everywhere which made the whole event a lot more festive. 

Doughnut Time is a chain of shops in Brisbane who have this stall at many different markets and they sell HUGE doughnuts. We shared a nutella chocolate filled one for dessert, very tasty!

That is the Casino I believe 

I hope you enjoyed these snaps of Southbank, I am loving exploring the city!
Lots of Love,

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