Saturday, 7 November 2015

Sunset 7th November

Hi Aunty Bessie! 

I wanted to start sharing more photos with you and this is the best way I can show you a lot of them with descriptions of where I was / why I took them.
I hope you enjoy! 
I took these photos the afternoon right after a big storm came through, the sky was just beautiful! I was watching from our balcony then ran down the street to catch the sunset, the sky kept changing colours and shapes. 

These are from our balcony, we look out over some lovely greenery and there is also two horses! 

This tree was covered in white 'fluff' a few weeks ago and has only just shed. 

The light was so pretty, really different to usual. 

I decided to play around a bit and did some handstands too! 

I hope you liked these photos - I'll let you know when I post some more, I was thinking I will be able to put up some from holidays and then just ones I've taken on my phone during the week to show you what we've been up to.
Lots of Love,

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