Friday, 4 December 2015

Carseldine Farmers Markets

Hi Aunty Bessie, 

I am about to head off to our local farmers markets to buy our weekly fresh food and wanted to share some photos of it with you.

It's set up in a lovely green space, it use to be a part of Queensland University but now is just government offices. 

There are all kinds of stalls, everything from fresh food, plants, takeaway style food, clothing, candles, arts and crafts and coffee! 

There is even a petting zoo! Chris and I always go here first thing before he head into get our food. They are just all so cute and its really lovely seeing the little kids learning. 

The markets have really fun signs all over the place, a lot of them are very funny! This one says: Water for your dog or short people with low standards. We don't judge! 

I think this is my favourite sign! Its a scarecrow and the signs says: this job isn't for everyone. But hay...its in my jeans! 

The fresh food here is so nice, it lasts so much longer than anything we get from the supermarkets too! Plus they often do great deals, like the table of produce they will sometimes do 4 things for $7, or even $1 each! 

Lots of really nice Asian herbs and vegetables, we do a lot of stirfrys with these 

This is the section for takaway style food and seating. They always have live music too which is really lovely. Some weeks we will have breakfast here. 

This is my favourite stall, fresh juices and smoothies and they put pieces of fruit on the straw too! 

Chris's favorite is the German sausages, they are huge! He eats so quickly though I didn't catch him! 

I hope you liked these photos, this week I am going to try and get some tropical fruit, mangos are coming into season and they are my favourite! 

Lots of Love,

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