Monday, 18 January 2016

Sarah's World - 9th to the 17th January

Hi Aunty Bessie! I thought I would do a post with some photos and stories of what I've been up to this past week and a bit!


I am currently doing my Yoga Teacher Training and on my way to becoming a yoga teacher! I am learning with a Yoga Studio called Yoga NRG and they run classes at Moffat Beach (the above picture) so this weekend I got up at 5.45am and drove up to go to the 7.30am class!

After the class, myself and some of the other yoga teacher trainees all got together to practice teach!

SUNDAY: 10th

I am doing some work experience within marketing with a drinks company called Old Cossack Drinks Co and on Sunday I went and took some photos of all of their drinks! They are so tasty and really good for you, full of probiotics and prebiotics!

MONDAY: 11th

As an engagement present from Chris's siblings we were gifted a baby bbq! We have it out on our balcony and are LOVING grilling chicken on there

This was our dinner - I love the chicken has grill lines on it, so aesthetically pleasing!


I got a new dress and on Sale!


Most mornings I get up around 5.15am and do a workout in the lounge room! I had just finished one following a YouTube video and was about to enjoy my overnight oats for breakfast!


Lunch time in Brisbane! Beautiful hot and sunny day so I ate my lunch by the river

Friday night I taught a Yoga class to one of my friends Caroline as a part of my training assignments


Parkrun! Most Saturday's I will go to Sandgate and participate in Parkrun which is a free timed 5km. There is normally around 300 people who participate and its great motivation! Plus by the time I'm finished I still have the entire day ahead to enjoy. They have them all over the world and Mum and Dad are doing them in Canberra too! 

I went Wedding Dress shopping with Caroline (she is one of my Bridesmaids). It was a lot of fun, more just to get an idea of what I like and how they look. I felt like a little kid playing dress ups!
Sunday afternoon I put on the movie Holiday in Rome with Audrey Hepburn and meal prepped some food for the week ahead! I made some overnight oats for breakfast, some apple cider shots for first thing in the morning, grilled chicken salad for lunches and hard boiled eggs or carrots with hummus for afternoon tea! This always makes the week so much easier when I don't have to worry about making meals each day :)
I hope you enjoyed this little photo / dairy of what I've been up to.
Miss you Aunty Bessie!
Lots of Love,

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  1. What a full and interesting life you live, thankyou for sharing your time with me. Love from Bessie